About Precisely Managed

Precisely Managed formed in June of 2008 under InveHosting, starting with traditional shared and reseller hosting solutions. Since then, we’ve expanded to provide Hybrid Shared, VPS, and Dedicated hosting solutions. We are a South Carolina corporation.¬†Beginning in December of 2014, we started transitioning from InveHosting to our new name of Precisely Managed.

We’re a very small company, but we work hard to provide the best hosting solutions for your website. Our solutions are high end, fully managed solutions. We’re a little more expensive than other web hosts, but we’ll make sure the hosting is worth it!

Our primary datacenter location is in Dallas, Texas in the United States. Our datacenter is 100% A and B redundant. Every system has two power feeds, redundant generators, and uninterruptible power supplies. Every system has two network feeds, two switches, two routers, etc. That is what we mean by A + B redundancy.

We provide hosting solutions whether you’re just starting out, or have 100k+ visitors a month

Who We Are


We are your technology partners. Our goal is to handle all aspects of your site, so that you can focus on doing what you do best, and to look out for you to ensure your website is helping you reach your goals.

What We Do


Not only do we provide hosting to get your website on the Internet, we also offer WordPress management services, SEO management, Site Management, Security Management, and so much more. We’re not just a hosting company.

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