VPS Hosting

Our VPS packages are perfect when you need dedicated resources and the ultimate in flexibility. Our VPS packages work like physical dedicated servers at a fraction of the cost.


OS Choices and Control

Our VPS platform is capable of running Windows and Linux OS so that it fits your needs. We run the OnApp cloud platform



Every VPS comes with dedicated CPU, Memory, and Diskspace resources. In addition, you get full root access to your VPS to configure it however you wish.



All of our VPS servers are powered by KVM, and are completely managed. Our full management is not the same as other fully managed providers.

Entry VPS

1 CPU Core

2GB of RAM

100GB of Diskspace

400GB of Premium Bandwidth

Full Root Access

Full Management + cPanel

Extensive Feature List Below

24/7 Managed Support

$149.99/per month
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Standard VPS

2 CPU Cores

4GB of RAM

250GB of Diskspace

800GB of Bandwidth

Full Root Access

Full Management + cPanel

Extensive Feature List Below

24/7 Managed Support

$249.99/per month
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Professional VPS

3 CPU Cores

6GB of Memory

450GB of Diskspace

1.2TB of Bandwidth

Full Root Access

Full Management + cPanel

Extensive Feature List Below

24/7 Managed Support

$349.99/per month
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Full Management Included on ALL VPS Packages

What does full management truly mean? Our full management is PROACTIVE, we monitor every aspect of the server, and proactively take steps to ensure it’s working at it’s best.

VPS is Fully Backed Up

We use the Bacula backup platform for Primary Onsite backups, and with it we perform daily full server backups, and we retain 15 days worth of backups. In addition, we have R1soft for Secondary Offsite backups, and we perform weekly full backups and retain those for 12 weeks. Why two backup systems? Bacula is a wonderful system, but if you or your clients don’t realize you had a problem with a site, if it’s outside of the 15 days, you won’t be able to restore. This is where R1soft comes into play with it’s long term storage.

cPanel and CloudLinux6 Included

cPanel is a superb control panel platform, and CloudLinux is an awesome enterprise OS. CloudLinux protects you by preventing a single site from taking all the resources of the server and crashing it. It also secures and isolates each website from one another.

VPS Monitoring with Pingdom

We monitor the server with Pingdom, and if any down alerts come in, we actively investigate to restore services.

Load Monitoring with ServerDensity

We don’t just monitor your server for uptime, we’re monitoring Load, Memory Usage, Swap Memory Usage, Disk Usage, CPU Usage, and more. We’re very connected into what your server is doing, and if we see anything out of order, we’ll take care of it.

KernelCare Rebootless Kernel Updates

We keep your server protected from Kernel security issues, without needing to reboot it

SpamWall Inbound + Outbound Spam Protection

We offer SpamWall inbound email protection to keep you and your clients from getting overloaded with spam to your inbox, small service charges may apply. We include SpamWall outbound filtering for free. This keeps spam from leaving your server resulting in blacklisting issues for your IP. Many times, your client’s email passwords become compromised, and spam gets pumped through them. With SpamWall, it eliminates your risk of being blacklisted for such events.

Centralized Log Management and Alerting

We monitor the log files from your server, and alert and act on any potential issues we see.

Firewall and Web Application Firewall

We protect your server with two different firewalls, a server based firewall, and a web application firewall (WAF). The server based firewall protects you by keeping ports closed, and blocking IPs that are trying to brute force their way in. The WAF stops attempts to break into the software on websites like WordPress, etc.

Special Sauce

We have learned many things, and during hardening, we apply many tweaks and settings that we’ve learned over the years. It’s our special sauce.

We're in your corner

We’ve been in the hosting industry since 2008, we know a lot of the challenges you face as a Hosting Provider, and we know how to solve any problem you may be facing. We’re more expensive than other “fully managed” providers, but we also offer way more for the money. During your search, ask any provider if they offer what we are offering.

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