Our backup platform is powered by Bacula4! We manage and monitor all backups. Bacula has many enterprise features.

Bacula4 supports primary and secondary site replication, using our cloud infrastructure. We have storage locations in Arizona and Texas.


In the event of a complete failure, Bacula4 supports bare metal restore (BMR). As long as similar hardware is provided, you can kick off a BMR and bring the system back as if nothing had ever happened.

Bacula4 supports all the major operating systems, and also supports the top database platforms.


Bacula4 offers full end user restore capabilities, and has plugins for cPanel, Interworx, DirectAdmin, Hsphere, Plesk, and more!

Ready to get started? Our pricing is simple and affordable! It’s $5 per server, $0.08/GB, and a $5 account fee.

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